The Method in Classical Architecture

//The Method in Classical Architecture

The Method in Classical Architecture

The choice of the name Method for the company stems from the fact that this element, however small, plays an important role in the whole of Classical Greek architecture. Tell a story. Transmits information. It has a function. Like our office, we are always aware of the details that make all the difference.

The Doric Order is composed of the vertical element, the column, surmounted by the capital on which the entablature rests. One of the elements that make up the entablature is called a frieze. It is a horizontal band, composed, alternately, by tríglifos (vertical elements) and Métopas.

The Method, therefore, is a decorative element of the Doric order of classical Greek architecture. It consists of a simple or decorated plate, in which case, you can tell a story. In the case of the Parthenon, one of the most emblematic Greek temples of antiquity, there were 92 Métopas of 1.30m x 1.30m. On the west side of the temple, the Metopas narrated the mythical battle between Greeks and Amazons; in the south, the battle between the Lapiths and the centaurs; in the east, the battle between the gods and the giants; in the north, the Greeks against the Trojans.

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