The Theater-Museum of the surrealist Salvador Dali

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The Theater-Museum of the surrealist Salvador Dali

Inaugurated on September 27, 1974, the Dali Theater Museum in Figueres, near Barcelona, Spain, is the result of the transformation of the old ruins of the Municipal Theater, left by the pumping of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Reflecting not only works of art but also Dalí’s own surrealistic behavior (“I am Surrealism itself”), it was conceived entirely by the artist himself. Already its great reticular dome is the work of one of the “geniuses” of the Spanish architecture, Emílio Perez Pinero.

In the words of Dalí himself: “It is obvious that other worlds exist, that is certain, but, as I have said on many other occasions, these other worlds are our interiors, which reside on earth and are precisely in the center of the dome of the Dalí Museum , which contains the new, unsuspected and mind-boggling world of surrealism. “

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