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Architecture is life:
We are present in all phases of this creation, study, project and work.


The “ideal apartment” should be broad, clear, well ventilated and with perfect integration of the social, intimate and service spaces. The design of a multifamily residential building should encompass the “ideal apartments”, the best use of the lot, the comfort of the user and the premises of the current legislation for the region, in order to meet, mainly, the client’s expectations.

Projects for corporate and corporate spaces should prioritize comfort, air quality, energy efficiency and cost rationalization. Modular solutions that allow adaptability to future changes are developed whenever possible, especially in projects of administrative offices, offices, cultural centers, schools, universities, libraries and public administration buildings.

The projects for health spaces aim, in the first instance, to guarantee air quality and the non existence of flow conflicts. Creating “humanized” spaces, versatile (to ensure rapid change), and with appropriate materials are among the top priorities.

The intervention in the Patrimony Tombado or Preservado, with the development of damage map and recovery of the original image adds value to the building and qualifies the urban spaces of the surroundings. Historical heritage is important to the city as it keeps alive the memory of the past and its preservation in most cities is tax-free.

The design of an industry, an industrial complex or a storage unit must primarily be functional. Our multidisciplinary team, with expertise in the production process, collaborates in the development of the architecture so that the projected physical spaces can, mainly, increase the industrial capacity and the efficiency of the system as a whole, besides providing an environment with high internal quality and Pleasant to work with.

Designed spaces must be comfortable, attractive, functional and reflect the reliability of the Brand. We operate in the development of commercial enterprises (such as shops, galleries, shopping malls and office buildings), always aiming at maximum profitability and business visibility.

Remodeling, retrofitting and modernization of buildings is becoming more and more necessary nowadays, especially in large cities, where free areas for buildings are increasingly scarce. The solutions adopted must value the built heritage, incorporate environmentally correct technologies and greater energy efficiency.

The Building Facilities (electrical, telephony, sanitary sewer, hydraulics, gas and fire and panic safety), when developed together with the team responsible for the architecture project, encompass an integrated design minimizing interference and modification in the original architecture design and reducing costs.

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