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the best strategy we have for incorporating legislation into projects.

By approving its own projects, Tempo accelerates the obtaining of the necessary Licenses for the beginning of the work. The design requirements are promptly fulfilled by their architects, without the need for intermediaries. In this way, once again it is the customer who wins, since he can start the work with the shortest possible term.

The System of Property Management and Documentation of Buildings (SIGEPE) is a system developed by the Method with the purpose of verifying the current building situation, regulating and valuing the built-up patrimony of companies. It consists of surveying the legal situation of the building with the competent bodies, in the most diverse areas, and in the preparation of a report indicating the divergences found and the adaptations that should be executed in the buildings and / or projects with a view to their regularization before the public agencies.

The REU (Report of Building and Urban Requirements) assists the client in the process of purchase of the property. It presents data such as occupancy rate, feedback, need for opening of internal roads, etc., in addition to possible impediments to the legislation in force to implement the intended activity.

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