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a dream, the goal to be achieved efficiently.


Architectural and town planning projects promote environmental awareness and preservation, reduce energy costs and dependence on non-renewable sources.

In its projects, from the choice of the party to be adopted until the definitive project, the one of its main objectives is to comply with Environmental Legislation. The Preliminary License, Installation License, Operating License or Certificate of Exemption from Environmental Licensing of industrial, commercial and real estate activities are currently required licenses for the execution of a work or activity, thus guaranteeing environmental quality, economic development and the preservation of biodiversity.

Architectural and Urbanistic projects should, whenever possible, meet the prerequisites and specifications of environmental classification labels for buildings regarding sustainability, namely LEED, AQUA, BREEAM and Procel Edifica.

The development of CO2 Emissions Inventories of corporations, production processes and construction of buildings is becoming increasingly necessary for companies aiming to promote their products as sustainable. The system has developed a system that calculates the amount of CO2 emitted by materials used in construction.

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