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Right to the city:
through projects that think about accessibility, urban mobility and the environment.


In order to ensure sustainable mobility in cities as well as the quality, agility and safety of the services provided by the transportation systems, it has been involved in the elaboration of a Road Impact Report (requested by Cet-Rio, RJ) and projects related to Traffic Engineering, Planning Transport, Public Transport and Infrastructure.

The allotment/remembrance/dismemberment project should be based on the best use in the implantation of the areas of circulation of cars, pedestrians and in the implementation of leisure areas, as well as seeking to preserve the characteristics of the property and conform to the natural topography.

The development of urban projects is aimed at improving pedestrian and vehicle circulation, increasing the sense of security and visibility of the city, reorganizing and implementing urban furniture and equitable distribution of green and leisure areas. These actions aim to enhance urban life, promote the conservation of public goods and radiate improvements to adjacent areas.

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